Vandana Chadha

M.Sc (Maths), MBA with specialization in Finance.
C++, C#, Java, Oracle, .Net, Reactjs, Angular, Nodejs, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, Yii2, API Integration, Elastic Search, MySQL, MS SQL, Mongo DB, Google Cloud.
Experience in software development and what I enjoy most is coding and databases.

Jatinder Kumar

Reactjs, Angular, Nodejs, Cordova, Python, Docker, PHP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, JQuery, Yii 2.0, CodeIgniter, Experience in Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart and API integrations. Mongo DB, MySQL, MS SQL. Google Cloud, AWS, NGINX, Apache.
Strong Web Development and debugging experience. Love handling complex projects.

Renu Bala

Software Tester, Manual & Automation Testing.
Ability to find maximum errors. Good knowledge of manual and functional testing.

Gurvinder Kaur

UI & UX Designer, Bootstrap 3 & 4, HTML5, CSS3.
Provide customise solutions, Design Wire-frames, Mock-ups, HTML (Bootstrap/Responsive) Websites & Mobile Apps.

Ravi Kumar

Nodejs, PHP, Java Script, JQuery, WordPress, Yii2, Apache.
Passionate for learning new technologies and efficient use of them.

Dinesh Kumar

Reactjs, PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Wordpress, Nodejs, API Integrations, MySQL, Mongo DB.
Love to learning new things and able to handle new challenges.

Vishal Prajapati

HTML, CSS, BootStrap, JavaScript, Jquery, PHP, NodeJs, ReactJs React Native, MongoDB, Heroku.
React native online course from Udemy. Diploma In I.T from V.M.S Poly. College, Batala. Love to learn new technologies.

Chanchal Rathor

Reactjs, PHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Wordpress, Nodejs, API Integrations, MySQL, Mongo DB, Bootstrap, HTML/CSS.
I am very ambitious about my future growth and wanted to explore new things.

Rahul Singh

Angular, Nodejs, MongoDB, C, C++, Java , Html, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript.
Love to learn new technologies and love to do programming.

Deepak Paul

React, Angular, JavaScript, Nodejs, Mongo DB, MySQL.
Eager to learn new technologies.

Shivam Kumar Maurya

.NET Core, MVC, AngularJs, Angular, Nodejs, SQL, MySQL, C#, JavaScript, Html, CSS, Bootstrap, Mongo DB.
Love to do programming and learn new technologies.

Manpreet Singh (C.S.E)
React.js, Next.js, Node.js, Express.js, Mongo DB, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap.
Like to learn new programming technologies.

Vikas Kashyap

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, MaterialUI, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, PHP, NodeJS, Apache, ReactJS, NextJS, MongoDB, MySQL, Firebase, Laravel, Heroku, Tailwind CSS, Python, Django, ExpressJS.
Love to learn new technologies.

Rohit Kumar

B. Tech
HTML, CSS, BootStrap, MaterialUI, JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS, NextJS, Apache, MongoDB, MySQL, Python, Django, ExpressJS, Open AI, Tailwind CSS.
Finding creative solutions to new challenges.